The Story of my Gay Life

Hello, welcome to my blog. I'm Hannah, 15, from USA. I'm a pretty uninteresting person who happens to like a lot of stuff. I blog about Glee, Never Shout Never, Kat Dennings, Marina and the Diamonds, Pretty Little Liars, Panic! at the Disco, Ed, Edd n Eddy, Whose Line is it Anyway, and just music in general I like. I also post stupid shit you might not like but I hope you don't mind. Enjoy!
Posts I Like

"Electra Heart is the antithesis of everything I stand for. And the point of introducing her and building a concept around her is that she stands for the corrupt side of American ideology, and basically that’s the corruption of yourself. My worst fear - that’s anyone’s worst fear - is to lose myself and become an empty person. And that happens a lot when you’re very ambitious.”

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You don’t have to work at anything, Kurt. Your job is to be yourself and my job is to love you, no matter what, okay?

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"I saw an Elvis picture where he had the curl, and I thought, ‘Maybe I could do that.’ Once you have the haircut, certain clothes just start to look right, don’t they?" *

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"You get the sense someone’s in your life for a reason … Ryan Stiles is a very special man in my life.”

And I’m Sure You Are In His.


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livin a life of constantly being a little bit sleepy and mildly turned on

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